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Friday, June 10, 2005

A Family Sedan

Now traveling at speeds greater than 45 miles per hour!

A Family Sedan
Music: Belle & Sebastian - I Love My Car, Woody Guthrie - Ridin' in my Car


  • Good job you didnt pass any police officer's when you were hanging that camera out the car window LOL.

    By Blogger alexander, at 12:18 AM, June 11, 2005  

  • Congratulations Josh! Enjoy your new ride.

    By Anonymous Phil W., at 1:52 AM, June 11, 2005  

  • my little bro was watching this with me an nearly had a conniption when you were video-ing yourself driving..

    "wait..how'd he do that? is there someone else videoing? what?!? but..he's driving! ahhh!"

    By Blogger katelin, at 1:55 AM, June 11, 2005  

  • Congrats on the car... the shots of you driving were cool & all, but the second to last shot from the end where you do this pullback from the backseat all the way to outside of the trunk was phenomenal. It's sound's funny, but I think I've watched the sequence 5 or 6 times.

    Did you just have your hand attached to the camera and pull your hand back while filming? I guess that'd make sense -- I forget that most videoblogs are shot on those little cameras that so comfortably fit in your hand... most of my stuff was shot om a DVX-100 which is a very nice camera, but has a different sort of shooting techniques that are and aren't possible.

    By Blogger Insurgent, at 5:02 AM, June 11, 2005  

  • Very nice looking car and a great price!

    I feel your pain on the "family sedan". I had a little sports car and sold it to and got a Galant (4-door sedan). Called my insurance agent to get it insured and he said, "Hmmm, I don't have you and your wife down with any kids." Just because I have a sedan doesn't mean I have kids!!!

    By Anonymous Stone, at 9:10 AM, June 11, 2005  

  • I sold my car once and got a whole stack of hundreds from this guy who pulled them out of a cast he had on his foot.


    I liked the tour of the car at the end.

    By Blogger Steve Garfield, at 9:17 AM, June 11, 2005  

  • hmm nice car:)

    By Blogger karen, at 10:48 AM, June 11, 2005  

  • Congratulations Josh. Beautiful car. Thanks for the tour.

    I've always preferred a sedan. I can't stand a 2 door car. It's not often that I have four people with me but when I do, I like to know that everyone's comfortable and it's especially easy to get in and out of the car.

    I had a '94 Buick LeSabre. The car salesman kept trying to sell me a two door Pontiac. I told him, "This is what I want!" I guess he found it hard to believe that a young guy wanted a "granny car." But then again, everyone calls me "Granny" because I do the speed limit.

    Enjoy my friend!

    By Blogger Scott Walker, at 11:04 AM, June 11, 2005  

  • dude.
    you are awesome.
    i just stumbled across your site through random links, and i love it.

    it's also awesome that you love the be good tanyas. i have found very few people that know of them. i think they are the perfect soundtrack for a lazy summer afternoon.

    so yeah. keep up the good work!
    and congrats on the car!
    God bless!

    By Blogger rachie, at 12:44 PM, June 11, 2005  

  • Congrats on the new ride!

    Everyone should get a new ride for the beginning of summer.

    By Blogger schlomo rabinowitz, at 2:39 PM, June 11, 2005  

  • you are so driving to starbucks on monday. and i'll just get this out of the way right now too... shotgun! :)

    By Blogger sara dk, at 2:46 PM, June 11, 2005  

  • nice wheels! and what a wad of dough! ...

    By Blogger Richard, at 6:24 PM, June 11, 2005  

  • A good vlog about a nice set of wheels.

    By Anonymous Max, at 9:47 PM, June 11, 2005  

  • Great video and nice car! There were a couple of shots I really liked. The first one was when you were on your way to pickup the car and you were walking and talking about it. Your head kind of ducked down under a branch as it transitioned to the next scene. I just thought that shot was cool. Then the next was the tour of the car. Very clever! Did you have to crawl into the trunk to do that? Nice! Anyway, keep up the awesome videos!

    By Blogger Erin, at 11:22 PM, June 11, 2005  

  • Looks like a great car. I love the song choice! Now its stuck in my head. Stupid Josh...*making engine noises like the song*

    By Blogger Joan Khoo, at 9:31 AM, June 12, 2005  

  • and what do you call that face, monsieur leo?

    By Anonymous croquetbroom, at 12:33 PM, June 13, 2005  

  • Congratulations on the new car Josh! Looks good. And I just LOVE that shot where you're hanging the camera out of the car window.

    By Anonymous kristina, at 1:06 PM, June 13, 2005  

  • i miss my car
    i miss driving in general
    manhattan is not a great place for driving enthusiasts like myself...

    By Blogger ryanne hodson, at 7:45 PM, June 13, 2005  

  • at first i thought you were making engine noises!

    congrats on getting a new car. that was of cash was ... exhilarating.

    By Blogger annie!, at 10:24 PM, June 13, 2005  

  • Nice autovlogging.

    By Blogger jonny goldstein, at 11:58 PM, June 13, 2005  

  • YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! I love car videos!! Especially car videos about HOT cars like yours, Josh. And all that cash.... DAMN! I loved how you made a fan out of it.

    By Blogger Amanda, at 8:28 PM, June 15, 2005  

  • hey dont knock the taurus... i just crashed my grand am, so i bought me a taurus, red taurus, baby!

    yeah its a family car, but hey... i guess its time to MAKE SOME BABIES

    By Blogger ro, at 5:10 PM, June 22, 2005  

  • I went archive diving, back to the first Josh Leo post I ever saw. I love the beginning when you flash the money in front of the camera. The music mathces so well, too.

    By Blogger Tim, at 1:00 AM, September 25, 2005  

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